Senior Caregiving: Managing Emotions during a Big Move

4 February 2016
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Seniors today are living active lifestyles well into their golden years, yet the majority of older adults eventually decide to downsize to a smaller residence. Whether your parent is moving to a smaller home or an assisted living facility, there are bound to be some adjustments. If you are helping to plan their move, use these tips to ease the transition while protecting your loved one's property and emotions.

Know What They Need

Before you begin the process of downsizing your parent's home, spend a few minutes exploring their new residence to get an idea of the size and options for furnishings. For example, some senior communities encourage residents to bring their own furniture to increase their comfort during the transition. Knowing what your mom or dad can bring and fit in their new home beforehand will help you begin the process of sorting their belongings.

Sort and Conquer

Sorting through your loved one's belongings is a delicate process that may involve a range of emotions. Be sensitive to your parent's needs, and encourage them to talk about their feelings as you begin the process of paring down together. One way to initiate sorting is to walk throughout the house with sticky notes and designate each item as something to keep, toss, or donate. If your loved one is unsure about an item, consider using a storage facility for a short period to see how they feel after they have adjusted to the move. When they are ready, donating their belongings to a favorite charity or a special family member can help them know they went to good use.

Protect Family Heirlooms

Many seniors worry about losing treasured pieces of their family history during a move. Antique furniture, handcrafted art, and vintage glassware can all pose a significant risk for breakage, and letting your parent know that professional movers will be assisting with these items can allay your parent's fears. Simply make sure to let the moving company know which items are a concern, and you can trust that each one will arrive intact.

Knowing how to help your parent create a plan for downsizing will help ease the transition to their new home. When the big day arrives, consider taking your parent out for a special treat while the movers handle the work, since it might be overwhelming watching their belongings be removed from their home. Then, enjoy helping your parent set up their new residence while making plans for creating future special memories. Contact a company like a.m.p.m. Movers to schedule the moving day.