Moving During A Pregnancy? 3 Ways You Can Help Without Putting The Baby At Risk

19 July 2016
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Sometimes when you try to make plans, they happen quite differently. Moving is something that you can plan on occasion, but job transfers or new job opportunities can occur at random. Combining a pregnancy with an upcoming move may have you feeling stressed about the prospect of getting through it all. You may think that you will not be able to help out with anything related to the move. But, there are a number of tasks that you can handle without having to worry about putting your baby in any kind of risk.

Create a Pre-Packing Checklist

One step that gets severely overlooked with moving is creating a checklist for pre-packing. An excellent example is figuring out what furniture you currently have that will definitely fit into the new home. This only takes looking at the new home's floor plan and square footage details, measuring your furniture, and then figuring whether you want to keep pieces based on condition, looks, and how well they fit. Going through each room and writing down what you want to keep, donate, sell, or throw away is also helpful.

Wrap the Fragile Items

While you are getting assistance with the moving process, you are going to have some fragile items to protect. This is the perfect opportunity to work with your spouse or friends on this process. Ideally, they will go through a room with you and give you everything fragile for you to then wrap up and put into a box. This process can all be handled on the floor or on a table that you set up for this exact task.

Take On Labeling Duties

Labeling is important because, without it, you will have a tough time knowing where things go. If you have a random collection of moving boxes from a nearby liquor or grocery store, you might be able to distinguish where some of them go based on box characteristics alone. But, you are better off with a proven system of labeling each box with a number, color, and priority level before calling them done. Labeling the boxes should not be hard, as long as you are not the one moving the boxes around. If you hire professional movers, these labels will help them work at a much faster rate than without them.

Although it may be a natural challenge to move while you are pregnant, following these tips will lead to a smoother move while also keeping you from having to worry about the safety of your baby.

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