The Security Of A Self-Storage Unit During A Divorce

16 Mar

A divorce can be an extremely taxing process. Anything you can do to make it easier on yourself is worth looking into. One such measure is renting a storage unit. Here are three ways in which self-storage can help you through your divorce.  Security for Your Possessions Divorce often brings on sudden changes. You may […]

Using A Detailed Labeling System On Your Stored Boxes Can Save You Time

13 Mar

You’ve finally recovered from the backbreaking chore of packing up a bunch of your household items and hauling them off to your a self-storage unit, such as Epic Group Inc. The last thing you want to do is try to dig through a pile of unmarked boxes to find something that you mistakenly packed away, […]

Tips For Making Sure You Are Renting A Secured Storage Unit

13 Mar

Placing your personal things in storage means that you are trusting a company to look after your things as though they were their own. You also expect that you are going to be well taken care of whenever you visit the facility to load or unload some of your things. Therefore, make sure that you […]

How to Safely Move Your Piano to Your New Home

12 Mar

There are several points that you should consider before attempting to move your piano to your new home. Pianos are susceptible to damage from moving and from dramatic changes in temperature and humidity. The following tips can ensure that this colossal possession gets to your new home in good condition. Questions to Ask Yourself 1. […]