How to Safely Move Your Piano to Your New Home

12 March 2015
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There are several points that you should consider before attempting to move your piano to your new home. Pianos are susceptible to damage from moving and from dramatic changes in temperature and humidity. The following tips can ensure that this colossal possession gets to your new home in good condition.

Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Will your piano fit in your new home? Especially if you are downsizing, you may not have a room in your new home into which the piano will fit comfortably. You should first measure your piano, then measure the room where you intend to place it, as well as alternate spaces in your new home. If it doesn't fit comfortably anywhere, you may wish to reconsider taking it with you.

2. Will you attempt to move it yourself, or will you hire residential movers? If you decide to use a local moving company, you should first investigate. As in, you should ensure that they have experience in piano moving, and can they provide references from previous customers. Piano moving has its own very specific demands, and references from satisfied customers for whom they have moved pianos.

Also, you should know if they are sufficiently insured to cover the cost of replacing your piano if it is damaged beyond repair. You may also wish to contact your homeowner's insurance agent to determine if such a loss is covered, and if it is not, if a rider can be attached to your policy to cover a possible loss.

Tips on Moving the Piano Yourself

Measure stairways and landings to be sure that the piano will fit, especially around turns and through doorways. You may choose to remove doors by opening them and lifting them from their hinges.

You should have at least four people, if possible, to lift each corner of the piano, and to move it downstairs. Don't try to use more movers than you can fit comfortably on a stairway when ascending or descending stairs. Too many people will get in each other's way and effective coordination will be difficult.

You will need moving blankets to place under or around the piano to protect it from damage. Straps will be needed to secure the blankets. Straps will also need to be placed under the piano so that it can be pulled up stairs by the movers on the stairs above the piano, while the movers below push it. A four wheeled dolly should be used to move the piano across longer distances. All of these things can be bought or rented at a moving truck rental company.

Communication will be important while moving the piano, especially on stairs, and if the piano is too heavy for the movers on level ground, any idea of moving it up stairs should be abandoned and professional movers like A-1 America's Best Moving must be hired to perform the task.