Tips For Making Sure You Are Renting A Secured Storage Unit

13 March 2015
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Placing your personal things in storage means that you are trusting a company to look after your things as though they were their own. You also expect that you are going to be well taken care of whenever you visit the facility to load or unload some of your things. Therefore, make sure that you are taking a little but of time to review the tips for finding a truly secured storage unit.

Bright Flood Lights Everywhere

First, make sure that you are looking for large flood lights throughout the storage unit property. Then, you need to check to make sure that the company is keeping those lights in working order. To do that, simply drive by late at night. Is the property completely illuminated? Even if you never intend on visiting the storage unit at night, or it is not allowed by the company, you want to know that criminals will be deterred from committing their crimes there. After all, not all thieves want to have themselves seen in bright light as they are most likely to get caught.

Clean Pathways

It is important to make sure that the pathways leading to your storage unit are nice and clean. Whether it is a path made of gravel or cement, it needs to be in good shape. Sure, you might be able to easily watch your step in most situations. However, how are you supposed to watch for big holes, cracks, or out-of-place drainage pipes when you are carrying an extra large load of your stuff? Since you would most likely want to avoid falling and breaking your things, you need to know that you are renting from a storage unit company that takes pride in the condition of their property at all times.

Security Cameras In All The Right Places

Many storage unit companies will have security cameras inside of their office, facing the entrance of the office, and the entrance of the entire property. While that helps them and possibly helps your case of theft, there should be more cameras. Make sure that you are looking for security cameras that are facing all of the previously mentioned spots, as well as the individual storage units. Then, if you do find that there are enough cameras in place, you need to speak to the owners about how they keep their security footage. This way, you will know that there will not be any trouble should the police have to retrieve as much evidence as possible to catch someone that stole from you.

With these tips in mind, you should find it a lot easier to quickly find the best storage unit for your needs, one like Arctic Self Storage.