3 Self Storage Organization Tips

10 April 2015
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Self storage units are wonderful for storing possessions, especially when you are in the middle of a big move. When you store your belongings in a storage unit, it can be tempting to simply dump everything inside, lock the door, and leave. However, if you just throw everything in with no order, when you go to finally unpack the unit, or simply need to get something out of it, you will not enjoy the process of sifting through the clutter and finding what you are looking for. To save the hassle of digging through a sea of items, listed below are 3 self storage organization tips that can help make the process of unpacking or looking for something much easier: 

1. Map it Out:

Figure out which items you are going to store, and write them down. Map out the storage unit and figure out where you are going to store things for easy access. Stick to your map, update it when you make changes, and refer back to it when you need to get something out of your unit. Taking some extra time  at the beginning of the process will make the unpacking or retrieval process much easier. 

2. Pack Logically: 

Do not just put your belongings into boxes and toss those boxes into the storage unit. Pack the items into the unit logically, thinking about what you will need at a moment's notice and what you can wait on. If you are storing things while you are in the middle of a move, for example, you probably will not need your couch or refrigerator right away. Plan on keeping large appliances and furniture at the back of the unit to free up space and make it easier to move through the unit. 

3. Stack Smart: 

When gathering boxes, use no more than two sizes of boxes. This will make stacking boxes easier and prevent them from falling over. Also, when stacking boxes, make sure that you can access them without too much trouble. Leave an aisle to get to the back of the unit, and put boxes with items that you might need before completely unpacking towards the front of the unit. Finally, label your boxes, and turn them so the label faces out. Knowing what is in each box will make unpacking and finding things much less of a hassle. 

Moving is stressful, and utilizing a storage unit is a great way to alleviate some of that stress. Take away even more stress from the moving process by following the tips above to make sure that your unit is as organized as possible! For more information, contact University Self Storage