5 Key Benefits Of Using Plastic Storage Containers For Moving

26 May 2015
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Cardboard boxes may be the most popular packing supply when people are moving, but if you are moving yourself, you really have to ask if this is the most logical solution. Most cardboard boxes are not all that sturdy, have to be held together with tape, and can be expensive to obtain. It can be a lot more logical to invest in stackable plastic storage containers for your move than to rely on cardboard boxes for the job. There are five key benefits to keep in mind about choosing this option.

1. More Stable Transportation - Most plastic storage containers have lids that offer indentations for the purpose of stable stacking. Unlike regular boxes that have no stabilizing features, plastic storage containers will be less likely to move and shift when they are loaded on a truck for moving.

2. Cost-Efficiency - You could spend hundreds of dollars on enough boxes to move your household belongings if you cannot find suitable boxes for free. It is much more cost effective to take that money and buy storage containers that can be reused down the road if you have to move again, or just for storage purposes.

3. Easier to Carry - Most heavy duty plastic containers have carrying handles that will make it much easier to tote your belongings to and from the moving truck and your home. This may not seem like a big deal until you have to carry several boxes a day and your hands and arms get tired.

4. Storage Ready - Most people prefer to store their items in plastic storage containers when they put them in a storage facility, or even if they store items in their own garage or basement. With items already packed in suitable storage containers, they can go straight from the moving truck to storage if you prefer.

5. Water and Weather Protection - Plastic storage containers have sealed lids that will protect the contents of the container from moisture, rain, or snow. This is definitely not a benefit that you get with a cardboard box that will start to break down with just a small amount of moisture.

If you want to see your next big move go a little easier, make sure you take some time to consider how stackable plastic storage containers could help. Talk to a moving company in your area about storage containers they may have available as a packing supply option for customers. Click here for additional reading.