Making Conditions Safe And Easy For Your Moving Company

17 June 2015
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If you are moving to a new home, you most likely will hire a moving company to come to place your belongings on their truck for transport. It is easy to get overwhelmed during the moving process, making things a little disorganized in the process. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure the movers are safe while they are hauling your items in and out of their moving truck.

Keep Children And Pets Away

When the moving company comes to place your belongings in their truck, make sure all pets and children are in a room away from the hubbub of the moving process. Have a friend or loved one come to watch small children. Let the workers know which room any dogs or cats are staying in so they do not mistakenly open the door and allow them to run around or out of the home, possibly causing injury to a worker by getting in the way. Lastly, make sure that all boxes are sealed before the moving day; you don't want your cat to nest in one and accidentally get trapped!

Keep Areas Clear

Place your items along the perimeters of your walls so that workers can use the middles of the rooms to walk around and shift the weight of the items they are carrying if needed. Trying to get around piles of items is a hazard both to the people trying to lift things and to the items themselves. Someone can accidentally bump into a pile, possibly breaking things inside. 

Place electronics in their original packaging if you have it, This will alert workers that the items inside are heavy, allowing them to get someone to help them lift them. Label heavy boxes so so that workers will not try lifting something that needs an extra set of hands.

Pack With Weight In Mind

When packing your belongings, use smaller boxes for heavier items. This way, workers will only have to deal with the weight and not the awkwardness of trying to move a bulky container. One site says you should limit the weight to about 50 lb per box.

Use The Right Materials

When packing your belongings, do not skimp on the materials you use. Make sure any protrusions on furniture (e.g. couch feet, sharp corners, etc.) or electronics are completely covered with tape or padding to help keep workers from getting hurt while moving them. Using cardboard boxes that have rips or deteriorating corrugation can cause injury to workers if the materials fall out while they are trying to lift them. Use newer boxes with adequate packing tape.

Make sure the bottoms of boxes are well-secured. Do not fold the flaps in to keep boxes shut as they can become undone when the boxes shift around during the move. Tape both bottoms and tops for maximum safety. For more tips talk with a place like Wheaton World Wide Moving.