Storing Away Summer: 3 Steps On How To Store Your Inflatable Pool

29 June 2015
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Taking a dip in inflatable pools in the backyard is a hallmark of summer. You can get a sizeable inflatable pool for anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000. Despite the high price tag, inflatable pools are relatively fragile and can be easily damaged. Taking the time to learn how to properly dismantle and store them is crucial to preserving them in pristine condition. Here are 3 steps to follow.

Drain and Dry the Pool

Completely drain the pool to prevent any water from getting trapped. Stagnant water is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, insects and fungi. If you fail to drain all of the water and dry the pool, your inflatable pool will be covered with mold and mildew come next summer. Most experts recommend using a pump to drain the pool and leaving it out to dry under the sun for several days.

If you don't have a lot of time, you can dry the pool by hand. Wipe off excess water using a mop or a sponge, and dry it off using a towel, paper towels or even a rag.

Sterilize and Disinfect the Pool

Drying the pool will not get rid of all of the bacteria. For good measures, sterilize and disinfect the pool with a bleach solution to get rid of any remaining bacteria and germs. You can spray the disinfectant onto the pool or you can scrub it on with a rag. If you want to opt for a more environmentally friendly route, you can spray vinegar onto the pool surface instead. It is not as effective, but it can get the job done. There are also many green products available on the market.

After the pool has been sterilized and disinfected, you want to leave it out under the sun again to dry. This will get rid of the remaining disinfectants and make sure no water remains.

Roll Up and Store the Different Parts

Most inflatable pools are quite easy to store. Simply keep all of the parts that make up the structure of the pool in a plastic sealed container. You want to be extremely careful with any small parts needed. Store them separately in a plastic bag or container.

The inflatable material, which is generally made from plastic, should be rolled up in order to save as much space as possible. To prevent mildew from forming when the pool is in storage, consider storing the inflatable material in a mesh tote, so that it can breathe. Label everything, and store all of the parts together.


By taking appropriate measures to properly store your inflatable pool, you will be able to keep it in pristine condition even in storage. For best results, make sure to keep everything someplace cool, dry and away from sunlight.