How To Plan A Successful Move When You're A Parent

15 July 2015
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Are you and your family planning to move to a new home this summer? Do you want to take advantage of your children being out of school to make the move easier? If you have children of any age, moving can be difficult. Here are some tips to make the moving process easier.

Hire a packing service: Trying to do everything yourself can be challenging. Your preschool-age child may decide to try to help by attempting to pack the cat. Your older children may be good at packing the boxes, but may suddenly unpack half the boxes when he or she is unable to find the portable game system that they wanted to play during the car trip.

By hiring a moving company that offers packing services, you won't have to worry about keeping your kids entertained and happy during the packing process. Instead of taking days to pack your home, the movers should be able to get your home efficiently packed in a matter of hours.

Make your children excited about the move: Once you know exactly what day the move will begin, tell your children. Very small children may be afraid that everyone will need to live in the car from now on, so make sure to show them pictures of the new house and explain that you'll be living there.

You may also want to plan to have a birthday-style celebration of the move. A few days before the movers begin their packing services, have a party with cake and ice cream. Have your young child unwrap small gifts to go with the new house. This may include a special nightlight in the shape of their favorite character or silly straws that they can only use once they arrive at the new home.

With older children, start letting them make plans on how they'll be decorating their new room. Try not to disagree with their plans, even if they include painting their room an unusual color. While you may object to the paint scheme they have planned, they think it's wonderful. For peace, you can decide whether it is something you can live with for a while until their tastes change.

Have your children out of the house: It could be stressful for a child to watch the movers empty their bedroom of all of his or her favorite treasures. If possible, have your spouse take them out to the zoo or to play at the park. You could also have them spend the day at a friend's house.

Once the movers, like those at Bekins Van Lines Inc, have completed their packing services and have left, pick up your children and head directly to the new home. Instead of your child being sad about seeing their empty room, they'll be able to be excited about the first night in his or her new room.